October 14, 2017

Causes for Gun Violence

1. Untreated mental health issues - over half of mass shooters suspected.
2. Suicides - 2/3rds of all gun related deaths. (See #1)
3. Gun cultures - Gangsters, drug dealers, crime, drug addicts, western history, military, hunters, competitive shooters. - Licensed gun owners rarely involved in crime.
4. Fighting culture. US participation in wars / defending other countries.
5. SWAT police - expansion of raiding homes by force.
6. Violence in movies and videos.
7. Belief problems are taken care of by an individual. Often causes conflicts.
8. Access to guns. If ~800,000 Michigan Hunters were considered an army, they would be the 6th largest standing army in the world.
9. Lack of safety education. More people now have no exposure to gun safety. Shooting was a high school sport.
This is a complex problem that cannot be solved simply by changing laws. Extensive regulation has not stopped criminals from accessing guns. In countries that banned most gun ownership, the suicide rate did not go down. Mass shooters have legally acquired most guns used.
Mental health, drug addiction, and suicide prevention would be best place to start intervention. Intervention, conflict resolution, and mental health treatments need to be priorities.
A long look at our mix of cultures and education is another discussion.

October 7, 2017

Are You Evil?

An odd question, but with a purpose.
  • Do you drive around all these slow people going somewhere?
  • Do you lie? A lot? All the time?
  • Do you only think about your wants? Jump lines to get yours?
  • Do you not care about other people (outside your family/friends)?

 Most criminals start small to see what they can get away with when young. May start by accident, when the world doesn’t end after committing a small sin. They get away with little shoplifting. They try drugs. They bully someone weaker. Steal cash. Join a gang. Steal more. Drink and more drugs. Laugh at working people. After all you are better than those people. Hang out with other criminals. Do time and then steal bigger stuff. Criminals grow worse by not being caught and challenged to face their small crimes.

We saw evil act with a shooter. Not sure how he got to whatever he was thinking. Anyone who thought it was a good idea to kill and wound strangers is experiencing evil. If you find anyone with such thoughts, say something.

We saw much more bravery, people taking risks to help others, acts of generosity and kindness to strangers. People wounded and killed trying to protect others. One lady stayed with a man obviously dying so he would not be alone. Did not even know his name. Just could not leave him. Thousands gave blood and donated water, food and money.

These are the true memories of the week. Heroes, helper, police, medical and everyday people. These are who we want to be. The good Samaritans who look out for those less fortunate.  

How do you become a hero like that? Not sure. Still working on my faults.

September 30, 2017

No Safe Space

No longer popular, if I ever was. I write words that require you to think about other people and their lives. Justice requires us to think and use judgment.

Do not fall into the narrowly defined political parties. Frankly both parties have been coopted by extreme liberal or conservative views, who think of each other as evil. Most people I have met throughout the world are good and human. Give people the benefit of the doubt.

Do not subscribe to identity politics. American son of enough cultures to start WW1 by myself. My wife is from Asia and brings her viewpoints to the USA has a citizen. Have yet to meet a country that was right all the time. All started wars at some time.

Not locked into my religious identity. Spent a lot of time in other churches, synagogues and temples. God says love everyone, not just those like us. I try.

History has not made today any different than our past. People have always disagreed by demonizing their opponents. Look up ‘Yellow Journalism’ and political campaigning stories around the founding of the United States. Nasty descriptions of the other side.

FB has identified our political leanings and isolates us from different of offensive views. We tend to friend those who agree with us. Have friends with different views.

Free speech is not I get to tell you my opinions and you shut up. It is listening to each other, respectfully. It is hearing opinions or “hate speech” without being easily offended. And being kind to the people who said them.

Especially be kind. Required for free people everywhere.

September 23, 2017

Living with Uncertainty

My co-workers and I have been living with uncertainty. The project ~45 of us have been working on ends October 20th. Fortunately last month was told no one else gets laid off.  We just do not know if we will be working 787 or the other programs.  Next week may find out.

~20 of my co-workers will be working in Renton, about 26 miles from the Everett Plant. May be one of them, at least have a job. Several other co-worker have been laid off or taken voluntary layoff. We have been working most of the year with this hanging over our heads.

Surprisingly productivity has still been good. My co-workers and I kept up with our workload. Research was done on openings and what happens if we got layoff notices. Discussions happened around the water cooler. But until people had to prepare for changes, work got completed on time.

Humor has been a coping mechanism. Co-worker said this week, “They told me they were arguing who I would work for. But they didn’t tell me if they were arguing to get me or who got stuck with me.” Most people now know where they are going. So been telling people, “feel like the little kid picked last for teams” :) for the last couple weeks.

Always been more comfortable with uncertainty than most engineers. Every project has required a redesign or changes from customer feedback. No one knows how well new products will sell. We start projects based on best guess. Economies change, competitors offer new products, and life happens.  Results do not turn out as expected. Best sellers are often version of the original. WD-40 is the 40th version of the lubricant.

To deal with uncertainty with resilience, focus on what you are doing now. You can’t control the situation. Helps to plan if the worst happens what you will do. Apply for jobs in advance, update your resume in case, and cut optional spending. You only need one job. Another opportunity will show up. The worst usually does not happen.

Sometimes it helps to image talking to an older you several years after this was resolved. What did you learn from the change? Should I have worried so much? (Usually no.) Every job change has expanded my knowledge and added new skills that helped my career. Did not feel good at the time, but worked out for my benefit.

My faith is another reason am not worried. God has a plan for us, and since I gave these challenges to God, my life is so much better than I would have expected. Working in 7 states (so far) was not my plan, but met great people because I moved. Hard to give up friends and co-workers to move, but thankful for all my opportunities.

Summarizing - You can’t control what happens to you. You can only control how you react and think about it. Resilience happens when you try to Find the Good, the Humor and Have Faith It Will Work Out. If nothing else you have another story to tell your children and friends.

September 16, 2017

Why Should I Hire You?

The Secret to Finding a Job Faster is to know what you are good at, and Success Stories to demonstrate that ability. The more you can Identify Your Specific Gifts, and express them clearly, the faster you get work.

Every employer wants someone who can work dependably, with little supervision needed, and take care of their tasks in a timely manner. Helps if you fit their culture and are pleasant to work with. Remember, you are Dealing with People.

The current resume screening system is broken. We pour resumes into a black hole and never hear feedback (so they don’t get sued). Everyone sits at their computers frustrated, and not improving.

Find work faster by taking different approaches on different days. Go meet people in person, call friends, update your LinkedIn profile, go to job fairs, find companies you are interested in working for, send out pain letters, talk with recruiters, and Tell People the Type of Work you are Specifically Looking for.  Don’t make them guess.

Yes keep applying for jobs online, but Don’t Apply for Everything. Pick the 1-4 jobs today that use your skills, and focus on quality responses. Then do one of the choices above. Everyday do something different.

Getting hired is a numbers game. There are plenty of employers looking for good people who do not have time to find them. Approximately 75-80% of all Openings are Not Advertised. Personally have been hired through recruiters, applying online, and friends asking me to work with them. There is No Wrong Way to find a job.

Causes for Gun Violence

1. Untreated mental health issues - over half of mass shooters suspected. 2. Suicides - 2/3rds of all gun related deaths. (Se...