February 6, 2016

Authentic and Care

Politicians are struggling understanding this year’s election. Why are Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders so popular? Current/former governors, senators and party leaders are struggling with revolts against the party. Why are Donald and Bernie leading polls and party insiders?

Tucker Carlson explains Donald Trumps attraction in a poignant funny article “Donald Trump is Shocking, Vulgar and Right”.

Tucker’s point is the political establishment is busy being correct in what they say , and we know what is good for you. But who is looking out for us, the average voters?

Donald and Bernie are authentic people shaking up politics as usual. It is not having the correct political position for the group you are visiting. Donald and Bernie care about being great together. Note Governor Jesse Ventura did this successfully in Minnesota.

What does this mean for your business? Market and advertise your company not as professional businesses that are smarter. Be a real people who are looking out for your customer. People buy from friends. They can tell if you care.

Have worked in manufacturing engineering successfully because people can tell am not out there to blame people for the problem. Am there to help fix what is wrong. Provide tools, documents and training as required.

The result is people tell me the truth what they see, and work with me to make their work better.

So are what are you selling for your business? Low prices? Better product? Professional services? Instead show you care.

January 30, 2016

Coming in 2016

Know it is not New Year’s Day when predictions typically come. Truthfully have been looking for trends and indicators before making up my mind during a volatile December and January. Here are keys for 2016 and possible gray swans that could be missed.

1. Global Economy will continue to slow down gradually. Predictions of end of the world will surround us, but main drivers are a slower growing China economy and governments will need to reign in spending. Do not expect China to have a hard landing, and expect several governments will cut spending slowly over the year as tax receipts are reduced by their economies. Middle East and Asian countries most affected.

2. US Economy will have a mild recession. The long slow growth is due for a pullback, but do not foresee a collapse. The US economy will stabilize the world economy. Stock markets may fall further than the economy over weaker earnings and short term jolts to expansion plans. We may already have over 50% of the stock price pullback. Typical recessions stock losses are 15% to 30%.

3. Commodity prices will stay weak until the global recession passes. Expect industrial metals like copper & iron stay weak for a couple years. However most of the price drop has already occurred. Will hurt Australia, Canada, Russia, and South American countries dependent on mining.

4. Silver is forming a bottom around $14. Moderate chance could step down a bit more, but likely price will increase by end of year as mining slows down and supplies get tighter. Gold is trying to form a bottom, but is more of an emotional investment driven by fear. Could take one more step down or start another bull market. Consider accumulating both gold and silver in 2016.

5. Oil should stay weak for now, but expect prices to turn up a bit in summer to end of year. Expect prices to rebound to $40 to $55 per barrel by mid-2017 at the latest. Think the cartel will pull together sometime in the next year. (gray swan)

6. Unemployment will likely stabilize as job growth slows. Truth is the easy productivity games are ending. Robotization is a time-consuming investment more likely during growth cycles where payback is guaranteed. Having participated in both successful and unsuccessful automation projects, it takes time to develop robots and computer programs.  However it is a good investment for your business during a mild recession to prepare for the next growth spurt.

7. Gray Swans:
            ISIS/Daesh - will weaken in Syria / Iraq under direct pressure. Will grow stronger in Libya and Africa where non-functioning governments cannot handle the crime.
            Europe - Economy is recovering, but slowed by less demand in Asia. Will struggle with more immigrants coming and increased nationalistic parties gaining power. Will see Eastern Europe struggle most, but watch Italy, Belgium, France and Spain for risk.  
European Union - Not likely, but countries leaving the union would be considered a serious warning for the end of the Euro.
Terrorism - Expect more attacks on soft targets like malls, restaurants and hotels.
Computer Hacking will increase in 2016 and become more of international issue.

2016 is setting up as mild year with increasing risks. Also see there will be pleasant surprises with new technologies, medical treatments, disruptive companies and areas of growth to offset some of the worries. Stay positive and looking for opportunities.

January 23, 2016

Pick Your Theme

There are phases, sayings and words that resonate with you. During hard times they may lift you and encourage you.

My phase that has been helping me with my challenges: 
“I am Resilient

What is yours?

January 16, 2016

Resolution Follow Thru

Have you failed yet? (How about not even started?) You are not alone. Over 9 of 10 diets have had a cheat day, set back, or even just a “I gained weight” by 2 weeks into the new year. (Was trying to hold my gains, but currently up 2 pounds.)

America financial success is known for the Scientific Method, which translates to trial & error & error & error & …

Failure is not a bad thing. We learn from our failures and our successes.

To really achieve your success this year try measuring and tracking your goal.

Have a spreadsheet where have recorded my steps and weight since 2010. Know now that temporary weight jumps come and go. That 2 pound spike will be gone in a day or two of sticking to my diet. The two pounds to lose will take 2 months more most likely to be permanent. This I have learned from a simple tracking sheet filled out mostly daily.

Fill out a post it with data to take it to the office. Then recorded every day or so. But can go back now to see where have successfully lost before and stay motivated to succeed. Learning is the benefit of actually writing down your results.

To get your resolutions done, start tracking results and be grateful you wrote them down. Time will show you succeeded despite the failures.

January 9, 2016

Why Not You?

"Why not me?"
Jon Lovitz

Heard Dennis Miller interview Jon Lovitz many years ago. He asked Jon how he became so successful. Jon replied one day that he was thinking about success one day, and asked himself "Why not me?" Jon could not think of a good reason why he could not be successful. So when a new opportunity arose, Jon would think "Why not me?" and go do it. Not everything was a success, but with his attitude Jon became a successful comedian, actor and business owner.

This quote and attitude have stuck with me over the years, and encouraged me to try more things. People talk about being writing a book. Am co-author of 2 books because was willing to try, persist, and learn from my mistakes.

So today am asking, Why not You? What would you do if you could not fail?