March 16, 2014

Discouragement and Encouragement

Discouragement is not always a bad thing. You don't waste time trying to be a professional basketball player if you don't shoot well for instance (hmmm resemble that).

Discouragement can get us to spend more effort proving ourselves. The effort it takes to be great is worth more than instant glory ever was.

However, you must find people who have struggled and succeeded. They will understand your pain, the struggle and tell you how they got past the trying times.

You would be surprised who tried to discourage me hunting for work, and how much belief in my gifts had to carry me. But it was not always enough.

However I was very discouraged one day, and in prayer got an answer "You are my good boy, and I have important work for you to do." came back to me. That was the best response I could have had.

So if you want to do God's work here today. Find someone to encourage. God bless.

March 1, 2014

Don’t Say You Can Do Anything

Advise for job hunters. Don’t say you can do anything. That is not true and will delay your finding your next job.  

Most people looking for jobs find accidental jobs. Hey that store is looking for grocery clerks. You could do that.

Not every job will fit you. I have a fear of heights. There is no way I would be a great roofer for instance. Being productive requires comfort at your work.

Instead look at your experiences. What are you good at? Even better, what are you great at? Think about your successes, and all the actions you took to contribute to your team.

Then break down the different skills you have from those experiences. Your old industry may be in the dumps, but almost every business needs those same skills your old job did.

Then start searching for new careers that need your talents. Many new jobs did not exist 5 or 10 years ago. Widen the scope of your search, but stay focused for a few positions.

Your career will go further if you use your best talents.

November 28, 2013

Thankfulness and True Wealth

Reflective mood being Thanksgiving and a year older today.  Just want to share a thought.

The world struggles because the focus is wrong. The president, congress and the Federal Reserve have it wrong. They think wealth is created by adding liquidity to the economy.  QE has not made the economy grow or most people wealthier.

True wealth is created by helping other people. Washing machines improved people’s lives and freed up time to spend with family. Airplanes let us visit each other all over the world. Microwaves heat our food.

Bank’s being able to loan more debt? How has that improved the world? Finance is not as important as building something, no matter how small.

True wealth to most people is being able to share time with family and friends on a holiday. Charity, volunteering and doing good are the best examples of sharing real wealth.

So what am I thankful for today?

Being able to serve coffee and Danishes at church this morning. May even wash some dishes.

Friends and family who are fighting and beating cancer. Their struggles inspire and show the goodness of people/strangers helping them.

Being able to read inspiring thoughts from other writers encouraging us to be a little bit better every day. Not only the famous like Reverend’s Schuler & Olsteen, but friends like Reverend’s Steve Cuff and James Richards teaching faith.

The few words of peace, love and understanding I am able to share. Example my chapter redefining success not as money earned, bur raising good kids as more important. The words may be read by only a few people, but they will reach someone who needs them.

All the engineers I have been able to teach this year how to be better engineers. Always learn something when I teach.

It is not the gifts or possessions that make me thankful today. It is the life I get to share. Please share some of your blessing today and enjoy today. Lets build real wealth.

October 10, 2013

The Government Default

Today the news is the 2 parties are negotiating a 6-week extension raising the government borrowing. Only 7 days ahead of time. What a show of incompetence!

The Republicans thought they were winning. To paraphrase Governor Piyush "Bobby" Jindal, they have become the party of “Stupid”. This member is disgusted.

The Democrats think they are winning. Wrong! You are the irresponsible teenagers borrowing on your credit card. The day is coming soon where your card will be cut in half, and a very long stretch of your pay being docked is beginning. Debt has to be paid.

The US currently spends $23 billion of every $250 billion of taxes for borrowing. Because of good credit borrowing was 1%. Looking at Greece, Ireland, Spain and Italy the interest rate for over indebted is about 6% or higher.  At that rate the US would have to pay $138 billion out of every $250 billion of taxes for borrowing. How much spending is left for the Democrats? Look at Detroit.

Looking for a 3rd party of adults to cut spending and raise taxes. Both are needed for the crisis we are creating. We need a sustainable economy, manufacturing and spending. Anyone coming forward?

September 7, 2013

Your Losing Streak

(Upcoming book: Adapting! Things I Learned from Unemployment)

Everyone goes through tough times. Don’t care how rich, how famous or how ordinary you are. You are not alone. Everyone has hard times.

Being unemployed is tough. You lost your routine. Lost the place you went everyday. Lost the people you saw and enjoyed everyday are gone. You no longer have enough money to go buy your wants, or even needs.  You don’t even know what to do with yourself today. What are you going to do later?

In today’s economy you can be out of work for months or years.  I know from experience.
You can feel confused, frustrated, angry, lost
… or all the above and more.
It is truly a difficult experience.

Understand you are not the first. You are not alone. Go find support. Realize people do care about you, and use their strength to keep going. Experience unlimited, church, temple, mosque and religious groups are wonderful.

Believe in yourself and set out to help someone else. This is the key to success.

Know you will eventually find work. Not always what you want, nor as much as you would like to earn.  You may have to start over, and that is not always a bad thing.

Why should you believe in yourself? Truthfully you have had more successes than you remember. Every year or two you had a success you participated in. Not by yourself, but one you participated in with a team.

Your contributions matter then, now, and in the future. We need you to succeed.

So step one is going through your work, schooling and volunteering. Find those successes. What is the definition of a success? “Anything you think that was a success.” Do not make this hard.

What purpose is this for? You are going to figure out what talents and skills you have. These transferable skills are what employers want.

You have to show your personal value proposition to employers. Same thing entrepreneurs have to do with their customers, you have to do too.

Then look at each success and break it down. What was the situation or problem? What did your team do, and what was your contribution? Write these stories down.

Then estimate, calculate or take a swag at how much $, %, # or time was earned or saved. Don’t exaggerate, but do your best. Remember dollars is the language of business.

These are the stories you are going to tell during your interviews. When they ask have you done this?  You answer. “Not exactly, but I have done something similar with your story. Practice telling these stories out loud, and the more you do it the better you become.

Get started, figure out your skills and the value you have to offer.  We want and need you to succeed. Really.